Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Important Tips about the Canvas Paintings

Canvas Painting Board

 What is canvas?

The word canvas is derived from the 13th century Anglo-French canevaz and the Old-French canvas. Both may be derivatives of the Vulgar Latin cannapaceus for "made of hemp

Canvas for painting :-

Canvas has become the most common support medium for oil painting, replacing wooden panels. One of the earliest current oils on canvas is a French Madonna with angels from around 1410 in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. However, plate painting remained more common until the 16th century in Italy and the 17th century in Northern Europe. Mantegna and Venetian artists were among those leading the change; Venetian sail canvas was readily available and regarded as the best quality

Tips About advertising Your Canvas Paintings:-

Canvas paintings are one of history most art forms. It is a great hobby and it can also create you a bit or a lot of money if you have the ability and strength of mind. Although most canvas painters do not have the know-how on selling their paintings so here is a simple article guide to any person who wants to understand and make it in the canvas advertise.

1 Firstly since you can not be moving your paintings around with you while looking for the right buyer. Always taking a couple of photographs of your work can be great to carry with you at all times. This move will show that you are serious about selling your art work.

2 There are many skills selling websites on the internet today. Creating an account with one of these websites and posting the photos of your work could lead to selling directly to an interested buyer.

3 Taking your art work to local shows and exhibitions can also boost your profile and popularity. This is great way of free advertising.

A canvas paintings done right can make a room light up and make someone day.

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